Monday, February 23, 2009

The legacy lives on

What an incredible trip!

Thinking back on this entire experience, I am blown away by all the opportunities, experiences, and miracles that have taken place. I am positive that God's hand has been on this trip from the very beginning.
The legacy of A.J. Malone is an incredible one, and I feel so honored and blessed to have taken part in such a legacy. I speak for my class when I say that we are so grateful for the Malone's family graciousness and hospitality through this whole experience, and on last week's trip itself.
Thanks to all of our host families from the New Haven Vineyard. Your kindness has NOT gone unnoticed! Enjoy that Idaho candy!
Thank you Sara Elander for all you did for our class. Your hospitality, joy, and smiles brought warmth where there might have been stress.
Thank you Congressman Walt Minnick for your incredible donation of 300,000 air miles, and more importantly, your investment in the lives of others.
Thank you United and US Airways for working with the air miles, and for great flights to and from Connecticut. :D
Finally, thank you Mr. Mansfield for EVERYTHING. You've shown this class that given enough prayer, sweat, and blood anything is possible. We have learned so much, and it wouldn't have been possible without you.
I'm sure there are others who deserve thanking, and indeed my class does thank everyone who contributed in any way to this trip!

Below you will find all the video pieces that were done about this journey. Thanks to NBC 7 (Idaho) NBC 30 (Connecticut) CBS 2 (Idaho) and Connecticut Channel 8.

On behalf of the VCHSC Junior Class

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  1. William E. MansfieldFebruary 25, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Dennis me laddie boy:
    I still get "prickly" hairs in the back of my neck just reliving this experience with you and your wonderful history students. It is models of work like was expended on this project that bring community comfort to everyone ... regardless of where your community is located ... everyone likes a good ending ... and so I shall.

    My love to all that supplied the sweat and tears to bring such a wonderful ending. Special thanks to Rep. Walt Minnick for his most generous donation of 14 free round trips so that the mission could be completed in CT.

    Forever yours, Dad