Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Traveling Recap

As this first day of our trip comes to a close, I thought a recap of our traveling experiences would be in order. First off: today was Brian, Drew, and Hannah's first flight! They did an exceptional job (no puking!)

Our day started by everyone meeting at the Boise airport at 5:15am. Half asleep, zombies walking in the world of the living, we boarded our first plain headed to Chicago. Inside the plane, I was given the opportunity to announce our trip over the intercom to let the other passangers know what we were up to. Very cool experience.
Once in Chicago, we had an hour to eat lunch, and get ready for the the final leg of our trip.
Interesting fun fact: we had a nice dose of culture shock at the McDonalds in Chicago. To put it simply: the employees were straight up rude! They hardly listened to our order, were slow, and disrespectful (as far as employee-customer respect goes.) It was interesting because it took us completely off guard- and partially prepped us for the "east coast attitude."
After lunch, we boarded our second and last plain headed for Hartford, CT. This flight went fine- nothing much to report. When we landed in Hartford, we had a few things to get worked out. Firstly, the wheel to Hannah's wheelchair had been bent during travel. Luckily, Mr. Egizi (Brian's dad) is amazing and was able to completely fix it! From the airport in Hartford we rented a couple 7-seater vans, and were off to our next part of the adventure.

Our contact in Connecticut is Sara Elander, a former Vineyard Boise VCOM student. Before the trip we coordinated with her some of the specifics about our trip, chief of which was room and board. She was able to find a couple host families from the New Haven Vineyard to put our group up for the nights we would be staying in Connecticut. Jesus has really showed his provision in every aspect of this trip!

After getting a delicious and authentic Connecticut east-coast pizza dinner, we went to our appropriate host houses. The family I'm staying with, the Shaws, are amazing! They are cool with pretty much everything, and have an amazing boxer named Scout!
That about does it for today! Tomorrow will be spent with the Connecticut NBC affiliate in the morning, followed by a day trip to Boston, MA! Please continue to follow the trip via this blog, as well as

Thanks for all your support!
Colin + the guys


  1. I thought fast food and rude was synonymous. It's different in Boise? Wow. Now that'd be a culture shock.